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About CWS

Who is CWS?

Casey Wildlife Services is a small, one person operation based out of Bridgewater, MA, that specializes in helping home owners and businesses with unwanted nuisance wildlife. 

Services Offered

Trapping, exclusion, and prevention of wildlife in and around your property, as well as rodent control and removal. 

A Warranty That Means Something

The best warranty in the industry, with unmatched quality assurance and attention to detail. 

Licensed & Insured

With over 17 years in the nuisance wildlife field, I have extensive experience providing homeowners and businesses with trapping, exclusions, live removals, clean-outs, preventative work, and rodent control services. I started CWS as my vision of how I could provide customers with a unique personal service that is not often found in this trade. 

CWS IS A ONE MAN OPERATION.  From the first inspection of your property to the final one-way door removal and all other parts of the job, the customer will work with me and only me. I did this because I know that the more people/ techs that are involved in a single job with a customer, the higher the chance is that something may be overlooked, not finished properly, or not done correctly. Due to the way that I run my business, my customers benefit from top quality work, paired with some of the most reasonable prices in the industry. 

My customers, my reputation, and my integrity mean everything to me. I stand by my work, and my written warranty reflects this. 

Warranty Information

Warranties will vary from home to home. The warranty begins the day during which the one-way doors are installed. This warranty entitles you to 24 hour emergency service if any of the wildlife treated for in the initial job enters your living space. The warranty will also entitle you to a re-inspection of your home if you ever suspect any of the wildlife that you were treated for, may be back within your structure. If it is determined that there is a workmanship/ quality issue, the necessary repairs will be made at no additional cost and no worry to the customer about any additional fees. The warranty will also reset and begin from the day the problem is finally resolved. However, if it is determined that an issue outside of C.W.S.'s realm of control has occurred, the customer will be required to pay a service fee of $125. 

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